FreeBSD virtual environment management and repository

2023-02 upd: important announcement. Due to the loss of the main server (non-technical problems related to paying for hosting), the CBSD-related images (ISO, cloud images, jail images ...) will be unavailable indefinitely.

2020-10 upd: we reached the first fundraising goal and rented a server in Hetzner for development! Thank you for donating !

Several thousand hours of work have been invested in the project. And we hope the project will continue to improve.

Work on the CBSD/ClonOS project largely depends on the following factors:

  • The availability of free time outside the daily job (the project is not a commercial): working on CBSD/ClonOS, we sacrifice their time to rest and to communicate with family and friends;
  • On the demand for the project;
  • From the proposals relating to the using part of CBSD/ClonOS or the development and adaptation CBSD/ClonOS components for real / commercial projects;

If you want to help, make donations to the project or buy beer for CBSD/ClonOS developers, use the button below

You can also provide various intangible assistance to the project, for example:

  • if you are using FreeBSD/CBSD/ClonOS and want to make the world a better place for yourself and for us, join the development (backend, frontend/UI, image support, etc.) - we will be very happy!
  • if you have an account on GitHub, give us Star if you like the project and its goals:;
  • You can write an article on your blog / twitter about how you like CBSD. This can help find new users who are looking for the same, but still do not know about the project. Some users are potential project participants. Growth of project participants increases the viability and stability of the product. There are too many good individual projects and initiatives that die too quickly in the FreeBSD world. Let's make an exception ;-)
  • Join CBSD Telegram channel @cbsdofficial (in English) and help newcomers;
  • Improve, supplement the documentation or articles on the official website: sources of this site;
  • If you have stable and high-speed hosting, you can run CBSD images local mirror for your region;
  • just say “Thank you”, send comments and ideas via regular email;


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