Verwaltung von virtuellen Maschinen und Jails für FreeBSD

Achtung! Der deutschsprachige Inhalt ist wegen fehlenden Betreuerinnen und Betreuern veraltet. Verwenden Sie bitte die englischsprachige Version!

Support of the CBSD project!

Work on the CBSD Project largely depends on the following factors:

  • The availability of free time outside the daily job (the project is not a commercial): working on CBSD, we sacrifice their time to rest and to communicate with family and friends;
  • On the demand for the project;
  • From the proposals relating to the using part of CBSD or the development and adaptation CBSD components for real / commercial projects;

If you want to help or make donations to the project, use the button below:

PayPal: Donate CBSD"


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