Verwaltung von virtuellen Maschinen und Jails für FreeBSD

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If you want to experiment with the next version of CBSD, use git clone for /usr/local/cbsd


11.1.16 — 2018-02-21

  • bhyve: bclone: fixed dubbing in settings table
  • bhyve: Fixes for CentOS UEFI boot
  • dhcpd: refactoring. now we support real IP range in nodeippool
  • jail: add support for multiple VNET type interfaces

11.1.15 — 2018-02-14

  • (bugfixes) bhyve: fixes for double values after 11.1.13 migrations/settings
  • (bugfixes) fix for inter=0 at nat framework question when /usr/local/cbsd/sudoexec/initenv inter=0 path_file used, skip read on NAT framework choosing when non-interactive flags used
  • [jb]consturct-tui: store previous profile choices

11.1.14 — 2018-01-10

  • HardenedBSD platform: fix official repo
  • jails: search for fastest mirror for base.txz ( cbsd repo action=get sources=base)
  • fix for boot order menu in [jb]config, Issue #134, reported by Andrii Mazan, aka Fazik

11.1.13 — 2018-01-23

  • bugfix release
  • jails: fixes for show_profile in jconstruct-tu, reported by Kirill via Telegram
  • fixes for external hook variables

11.1.12 — 2018-01-19

  • Fetching base.txz for CURRENT also possible from
  • Identify HBSD environment with platform="HardenedBSD" global variable;
  • show_profile_list: separate filter by show_xen/show_bhyve instead of active=;
  • nics-list: support for phyonly= arguments
  • sync xen module with bhyve
  • fix broken build if databases/sqlite3 was built with ICU=on, thanks to Pavel Volkov via PR 214551
  • fixes for natcfg-tui Issue #134

11.1.11 — 2017-12-11

  • rework select_jail function ( used in [jb]config, [jb]start,stop, [jb]remove
  • initenv: support for pre-defined config for re-configure
  • makeresolv now support optional args for changing nameserver

11.1.10 — 2017-11-26

  • jexec, jlogin: add user= params, suggested by Goran Mekić aka meka
  • zfsattach: make zfs jail after jail create but before /etc/rc boot sequence, force persist flags for this cases. Issue #213, reported by sturican
  • bugfix: [jb]create proper removejconf args, reported Goran Mekić aka meka
  • bugfix: Preserve jconf perms, submitted by Goran Mekić aka meka
  • bugfix: jstop: fix ip4_addr list for removeing, add work-around for unstoppable cron via pkill
  • bugfix: bhyve: skip loopback interface as uplink, (reported by Denis Bezkrovniy via Telegram)
  • bugfix: bhyve: skip CBSDSYSTEM0 tap interface when no default route, (reported by Denis Bezkrovniy via Telegram)
  • bugfix: zfsattach: fix for syntax error. Issue #213, reported by sturican

11.1.9 — 2017-11-05

  • bugfix release
  • fix broken build after r452700

11.1.8 — 2017-10-14

  • bhyve: OpenBSD UEFI support (on FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE)
  • bhyve: add vgaconf settings (for FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE)
  • bhyve: fix for FreeBSD guest boot on serial console in legacy MBR mode
  • bhyve: add p9 patch
  • dhcpd: also check IP free address via bhyve list
  • colorized active/passive state of environment in [jb]ls and [jb]config
  • bhyve: fix mynic variable with full NIC list (reported by Elea Molokan via CBSD Telegram)

11.1.7 — 2017-10-03

  • bhyve: add virtio-p9 for shared folders feature
  • jail bugfix: Fix execution for custom pre/post script. Issue #197, reported by: Christopher Haglund (aka sweco-secfha)

11.1.6 — 2017-09-17

  • bhyve: add MTU settings for NIC
  • bset/jset: support for jname as mask
  • bug fixes for vm_ram convertation in bconfig dialog

11.1.5 — 2017-09-10

  • bugfix release
  • allow exec_stop/exec_start modify via jconfig. Issue #193, reported by: sharky1337
  • fixes for zfs attach, reported by: Sebastian Schaack, via Telegram

11.1.4 — 2017-09-07

  • jexec now support execution command in multiple jail (in parallel mode)
  • support for jname as mask for [jb]stop/[jb]start/junregister/jregister/[jb]remove/[jb]export/[jb]import
  • >(bugfix) allow.reserved_ports still not available in FreeBSD 11-RELENG, only -CURRENT

11.1.3 — 2017-08-30

  • add ${bhyve_vnc_tcp_ipconnect} variable for external hooks
  • add Makefile for update vm-profiles regardless of CBSD releases, from GitHub
  • >(bugfix) bhyve: dont use iso_args when vm_iso_path is empty (Reported by Alexsander Povolotsky (aka tarkhil) via Telegram

11.1.2 — 2017-08-22

  • [bj]login support for external custom command via [bj]login.conf config file
  • freejname: also check remote nodes databases
  • add facter instance variables for external hooks command:
  • ${ipv4_first_public} ${ipv4_first_private} ${ipv4_first} ${ipv6_first_public} ${ipv6_first_private} ${ipv6_first}
  • add vmpackages: grouped settings for vm
  • add zfs-migrator: ZFS-based cloning instances between ZFS nodes, at the moment without integration with jcoldmigrate and work only via root ssh connection. Issue #118 also participates here

11.1.1 — 2017-08-05

  • bugfix release: enable VNC password for bhyve only for FreeBSD > 11.1

11.1.0 — 2017-07-31

  • bhyve: bls now show bhyve pid in jid column
  • jail: add allow_reserved_ports options (r319611)
  • jrctl support for prometheus format output (Export and display jail and bhyve statistic metrics with CBSD, Grafana and Prometheus)
  • bhyve: detach ppt devices when vm removed, pointed by will666 via Issue #172
  • bhyve: multiple ppt devices support in bhyve-ppt
  • bhyve: Add bhyve vnc password support on FreeBSD 11.1+ (default password now: 'cbsd')
  • Add skip_bhyve_init_warning options for bhyve which control bhyve_init behavior
  • bhyve: Automatic selection of a suitable mirror when downloading images
  • add external get_profile_list script to show available profiles
  • Allow to show cbsd version even workdir is not set. Issue #173 (Reported by: Vladislav V. Prodan aka click0)
  • Fixes for grep error on initial setup. Issue #176 (Reported by: Vladislav V. Prodan aka click0)
  • jail: add support for aarch64 aka ARMv8 and arm-64 via qemu-aarch64-static emulator type
  • jail: make childrenmax, persist, enforce_statfs configurable
  • add trusted profile via jail-freebsd-trusted.conf: all possible jail params is allowed here. For personal/trusted environments
  • bhyve: add support for [jb]snapshot on ZFS platform. Currenlty only first devices in snapshot
  • add vmpackage schema: cumilative configs for vm_cpu/storage/vm_mem pairs
  • copy-binlib scipt: learn for hardlink; update index files

11.0.15 — 2017-04-14

  • bhyve: add Ubuntu 17.04 profile
  • srcup: add HardenedBSD source repository support
  • jail: ability to change mac address for vnet-based jail. Issue #159 (Reported by: Greg Fitzgerald)
  • initenv: add RACCT enable question in first initenv wizard, Issue #138 (Reported by: Egor Vershinin)

11.0.12 — 2017-03-23

11.0.11 — 2017-03-13

  • bugfix release: fix profile apply on jconstruct-tui introduced in 11.0.10

11.0.10 — 2017-03-12

  • bhyve: support for e1000 NIC on FreeBSD 11.1+
  • jclone,bclone: ZFS clone in jclone,bclone operation on ZFS based hoster. Issue #111 (Suggested by: Pavol Cupka)

    Warning! this changes the old behavior! Read the documentation carefully. The old behavior is regulated through arguments or a configuration file!

  • add cbsd_queue execution to send status of task - this need for backend's progress bar and control of job execution
  • pre/post start/stop hooks has been improved: add remove.d directory; possibility to specify an alternative path via systemskeldir variables; add additional bhyve variables in hook environment
  • sshkey script has been added to operate node keys through via script. Also partially belongs to Issue #59 (Suggested by: mzs114)
  • (bugfix) jrctl-tui has been rewrited to forms functional. Also this fix Issue #139 (Reported by: Egor Vershinin)

11.0.9 — 2017-02-19

  • fix for running i386 jail on amd64 hoster
  • add compress level control for export operation. Issue #131

11.0.8 — 2017-01-30

  • bigfix releases

11.0.7 — 2017-01-24

  • (taskd): reset SQLITE_SEQUENCE when we do flushlog
  • (taskd): add exclusive args to ensure uniqueness job
  • (bhyve): Improve UEFI boot
  • (bhyve): add bhyve-ppt script to manage ppt ( passthru ) devices
  • (bhyve): add media script to manage virtual storage devices
  • add merge script to merge ascii-based file profiles

11.0.6 — 2016-12-01

  • bigfix releases

11.0.5 — 2016-11-28

  • Add encrypted password hash support for new-user operation in adduser and pw script, dialog-based add user wizard switched to hash-based password (instead of plain password) via new jconf params: user_pw_XXXX_crypt. Based-on and fix-for: Issue #100
  • (bhyve): Check IPv6 address availability: Issue #104
  • (bhyve): VM also uses post/pre scripts now: execscript (Pointed by: @cleverfox).
  • expose: add pf support for port redirect into jail, Issue #106
  • (bugfix) fix loosing nic_parent on created new nic interface in dialog (Reported by: brahmann).
  • (bugfix) bugfix for filelist index

11.0.4 — 2016-10-20

  • (bhyve): bhyve: add ability for disable automatic bridging
  • (bugfix) bugfix for filelist index;

11.0.3 — 2016-10-15

  • add media script to track/register ISO images
  • (bhyve): make more bhyve arguments editable via jconfig
  • (bugfix) Fix popcnttest build;

11.0.2 — 2016-10-01

11.0.1 — 2016-09-30

  • (bugfix)(bhyve): workaround for false popcnt test - try to load bhyve even popcnt test failed. (Reported by: Alex Alex via CBSD Telegram)
  • (bugfix)(bhyve): split query for dsk_conf - it may not exist in SQL. (Reported by: Alex Alex via CBSD Telegram)

11.0.0 — 2016-09-24

  • Tested on FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE
  • Add protected and hidden for jail and bhyve
  • Improve IPv6 support
  • Experimental support of libxo library has been removed. JSON/XML will be implemented in other ways
  • bhyve: Support for ZVOL on ZFS-based system
  • jexport/jimport scripts has been rewriten to support bhyve-on-zvol images
  • bhyve: Bhyve UEFI GOP support (VNC) . It is the most requested feature for Windows users in bhyve ;): headless graphical console. Sample: bhyve graphical boot
  • We are prepared Puppet CBSD module for Puppet
  • We are launched the official forum for the users CBSD:
  • Project CBSD WEB closed (without starting). Instead, ClonOS project has been founded in the form of an independent distribution: Announcement on the forums.

10.3.3 — 2016-08-11

  • (bugfix)fix for fd resource leaks

10.3.2 — 2016-04-25

  • (bugfix)fix zfsinstall script on -current
  • (bugfix)bhyve: soft shutdown
  • expose: tcp/udp port forwarding from master host to jail
  • jrctl: filesystem bandwidth/ops limit by iops and bps
  • - ability to use the pre compiled base from other sources via specify path to archve. Issue #57 (Suggested by: mzs114).

10.3.1 — 2016-04-02

bugfix release

  • (bugfix) Fix vm_profile name to match filename Issue #68 (Submited by: rhooper).
  • Add nat disable options in natcfg. Issue #68 (Suggested by: LouPayne).
  • Fix for illegal options during cbsd --help

10.3.0 — 2016-03-02

  • (bugfix) Fix for update NAT config when nat switch in initenv-tui Issue #60 (Reported by: rodyaj).
  • (bugfix) Fix for zfs/hammer feature trigger variable in initenv-tui
  • (bugfix) Fix inputbox menu for bhyvenic; bhyve: always up parent interfaces (Reported by: brahmann).
  • imgpart: switch compress method to xz(1), with thread support; Execute with lower prio;
  • Populate basedir via filelist: if the version of the jail and node the same, you can create base from the node environment
  • [jbx]create: zfs_snapsrc options for ZFS-based system: now you can create VM and Jails from ZFS snapshot
  • imghelper: Rewrite imghelper to work with SQLite-based registry of helper settings
  • bhyve: UEFI boot support
  • Experimental XEN support

10.2.0 — 2015-08-15

  • bhyve: when you create FreeBSD VM via FreeBSD-from-jail profile, you can specify a size of swap partition
  • bhyve: opportunity to create a virtual machine through FreeBSD-from-jail profile on ZFS filesystem
  • Changed in boostrap database of jail images - now helper configures the jail through SQLite3 file
  • Start of integration CBSD with libxo library to to unify the output in a human and xml, json, html format. See CBSD syntax
  • Support for dpv(1) for show progressbar in DIALOG forms
  • mkhostsfile: edit only CBSD records in /etc/hosts via tpl string: # CBSD autotpl for mkhostsfile
  • jimport: opportunity to set alternative IP for imported jail via newip= argument
  • (bugfix) fixes for resource leaks in cbsdsh/cbsd_fwatch 466a0a9 (Reported by: Alexey Shubnikov).
  • (bugfix) If mount_ports used, by default ports tree will be mount in RO, distfiles will be created in /var/cache/ directory of jail. If you want to change this behavior, refer to the paragraph mount_ports in Jail settings (Pointed: k at

10.1.4 — 2015-01-24

  • bhyve: multiple NICs support
  • bhyve: ability to specify MAC address per NIC
  • (bugfix) jail2iso: prohibit EFI boot loader on systems that do not have /boot/loader.efi (Reported by: Victor Kraft)
  • (bugfix) bhyve: Fixed bug from 10.1.3 - bad handler when creating a virtual machine from Jail
  • jorder: restore functional
  • Krzysztof Antczak share examples automation for deployment CBSD node through Vagrant + Ansible

bugfix release

10.1.3 — 2015-01-07

  • (bugfix) Fix for lost interfaces when brename/bclone performed
  • jconstruct-tui: choice for startup services in the created jail
  • Opportunity to build and run CBSD on DragonFlyBSD platform. (Nevertheless, while in DF have the old jail framework, CBSD unusable there)

10.1.2 — 2014-12-21

  • mountfstab: check for mount points duplicate in system and local jail fstab file. When duplicate - fstab.local content wins
  • pkgbrowser: rewrite script. Now work with SQLite directly instead of pkg(7), thus greatly speeding up for building package list
  • svnup: renamed, again. Now the final version of the script to update: srcup. Also, split settings into srcup.conf
  • portsup script added for checkout and update /usr/ports in master environment
  • cbsdsh: add substr function for pulling any part of the context of the string
  • The module is now located in the ending .d directory
  • bsdconf.d module: new wrappers: service, sysrc, passwd for the appropriate tools
  • pkg.d: improvement for pkg(7) wrapper
  • jlogin: if the environment is not FreeBSD and has /bin/bash, then try to running bash interpreter on login
  • node: add mode=show for display node statistics
  • (bugfix) Fixes for jexport/jimport with newjname args; wrong mounting for /usr/compat. issue 35 (Reported and tested by: Krzysztof Antczak)
  • (bugfix) Correction to determine the type of IPv4: must contain only numbers. issue 32 (Reported by: Alexander Samodelkin)

10.1.1 — 2014-10-02

bugfix release

  • (bugfix) Fix for loosing jail databases when rename nodename: old database file is not renamed (reported by: Daniel Ponticello)
  • rename svnup to svnup. Leave svnup for compatible a while
  • apply workaround for environments who have different version from node. See: grep -A28 ^20140930: /usr/ports/CHANGES

10.1.0 — 2014-09-27

  • Tested for FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE compatible
  • imghelper script for dialog with CBSD-images params
  • BFS scheduler patch and kernel options has been added. This is desktop oriented sheduler (path maintainer: Ivan Klymenko)
  • xjails (allow_kmem) for FreeBSD 10.1
  • Starting integration tui-helper with bsdconfig framework (Thanks to Devin Teske for flexibility of bsdconfig)
  • jstart: file lock at the start of the jails, for situations where the jail is located on DFS (NFS, glusterfs) and presented to several nodes.
  • bhyve profiles: active flags, for regulating the activity or inactivity of the profile
  • bhyve login: when using tmux session, use different names when bhyveload and bhyve. When this preference is given to blogin bhyve, if unsuccessful - attempt to enter the session bhyveload
  • bhyve: virtual machine reboot support
  • compilation of the world and kernel is now in low priorities to not interfere with the other processes. This setting is configured via nice parameter in buildworld.conf
  • Removed old patches and periodic-tasks: now periodic tasks (eg, collection of traffic) going through cbsdd
  • jail2iso: UEFI support
  • renaming arch and vnet to hostarch and vimage_feature in global conf, due to conflicts with the parameters of jail
  • (bugfix) getnics-by-ip: looking only IP prefix inet in the output ifconfig (reported by: Ivan Klymenko)
  • (bugfix) bhyve: do not test hard drive for empty when booting from CD
  • (bugfix) Fix order of epair number and a/b side issues 25(reported and fixed by: kev009)

10.0.7 — 2014-08-15

  • fixes for incorrect ZFS fs name in jcoldmigrate (reported by: Alexey Shubnikov)
  • jail start via taskd
  • bhyve: support for VM auto start
  • bhyve: add virtio RNG r264055 for FreeBSD 10.1+
  • bstop/bstart/jstop/jstart/bconfig/jconfig: when executed without arguments, will show the list of jails for interactive selection
  • jls, node, jrctl and jail2iso now have corresponding .conf files

10.0.6 — 2014-07-12

  • cbsd taskd: daemon for internal tasks
  • bconstruct-tui: menubox for vm_os_type and get_vm_profiles
  • bhyve: add support for install FreeBSD guest from ISO
  • bhyve: implement other method for POPCNT checking
  • repo: newjname as argument for alternative name of stored jail

10.0.5 — 2014-05-02

  • Profiles for jconstruct\* (jail create via dialog menu )
  • jlogin without arguments now lists online jails for selection; tmux support for remote login
  • nlogin without arguments now lists nodes for selection
  • /usr/local/bin/cbsd now with 0500 perms and cbsd owner, due to use sudo for some of its scripts

10.0.4 — 2014-04-16

  • Modulization
  • jail2iso: imgsize arg renamed to freesize
  • jcreate: jailskeldir path configure via jail.conf
  • cbsdsh: build-in function for is_number
  • support for allow.kmem, which is allows to run Xorg server in the jail (FreeBSD 11 aka HEAD only)
  • Support for bhyve

10.0.3 — 2014-02-18

  • (bugfix) Fixed path to pkg(7) in pkgbrowser, thanks to Anton Iutin.
  • jsnapshot now only works with snapshots created by cbsd, improving output for snapshot list (jail snapshot (zfs-only))
  • history for output last CBSD commands ((cbsd history)

10.0.2 — 2014-02-01

  • Improving output for --help — external link to documentation(cbsd syntax)
  • Support for non-native architecture via Qemu UserMode (cbsd and Qemu User mode)
  • Improvement jls to support custom data output (jail list)
  • nice(1) support for jail priority (jail limits control)
  • Nameing of base changed from base_arch_ver to base_arch_platform_ver due to the increasing popularity of non-x86 architecture. After the upgrade, you will need to re-fetch the base dir or rename the old (with stopped jails) — directory with base_arch_ver name now inactive in $workdir/basejail and must be deleted manually.
  • Support the creation of images for bhyve from jail (jail2iso)
  • cbsdsar script has been removed, this functionality was included/enabled by mistake from development version
  • system CBSD account now created by ports framework (or manually).

10.0.1 — 2013-12-28

  • uzip in jail2iso
  • Remove auto pkg repository to due to official FreeBSD repository is back. To use an alternate repository create a file $workdir/etc/pkg.conf with relevant content.

10.0.0 — 2013-12-15

  • Support for VIMAGE/vnet
  • Support zfs jail, delegating ZFS file systems in a jail via jail’s fstab
  • Support for cpuset

9.2.5 — 2013-11-7

  • bugfixes: jclone check for zfs unmount, fixes for warning in jrename on zfs, jconfig allow edit devfs ruleset
  • jupgrade for upgrading jail in baserw=1
  • jconfig/jset can change ip address of the jail on-the-fly.

9.2.4 — 2013-10-31

  • Partial migration of settings data to SQLite (inventory, jail rc.conf)
  • move users file mounts to fstab.local
  • switch between rw and ro bases in jail with the appropriate disposal or filling bases

For users who upgrading from 9.2.{0,1}:

  • a) If you edited the fstab for the jail, these records should be transferred to fstab.local file manually
  • b) Files rc.conf for the jails in the jails-rcconf is obsolete and all setings in SQLite3 database now (the old copy of the file is saved in the jails-system/jailname)
  • Please refer to jail config pages for details.

Warning — 2013-09-04

In connection with this issue and nullfs-based jails, be careful when deploying public hosting and follow this Security Advisories instructions.

9.2.1 — 2013-08-02

  • Partial migration of settings data to SQLite
  • cpr script to build the repository
  • to choose and install software from the repository during the creation of jail (pkgbrowser)

9.2.0 — 2013-02-25

  • Testing an experimental version, not for production. Implementing basic commands for working with jails and nodes.