FreeBSD virtual environment management and repository

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Attention! Current pages describe CBSD version 13.0.x. If you are using an older version, please update first.

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Attaching to terminal

command: blogin

			% cbsd blogin


Execute tmux session, connecting to the console output of the virtual machine

To disconnect from the terminal (and off tmux session), press the key combination: Ctrl+b, d (Hold Ctrl press b, release both key and hit d)


			% cbsd blogin debian1

You can customize the command, redefining the action on you more suitable

This is achieved through the configuration file blogin.conf and the parameter login_cmd.

The file can be placed for the individual environment in the directory $workdir/jails-system/$jname/etc (for example, virtual machines belong to different system administrators, and you can use different logins when connecting via ssh), and globally, overwriting the value from $workdir/etc/defaults/blogin.conf. To do this, create a file with your configuration in the directory $workdir/etc/

With a custom call, you can use CBSD variables - for this or that environment

For example, if you want instead of the standard behavior, when the blogin launched the VNC client, the file $workdir/etc/blogin.conf can look like this:

		login_cmd="su -m user -c \"vncviewer ${bhyve_vnc_tcp_ipconnect}:${vm_vnc_port}\""

If you want the ssh connection to occur, this file might look like this:

		login_cmd="/usr/bin/ssh your_user@${ipv4_first}"