FreeBSD virtual environment management and repository

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Attention! Current pages describe CBSD version 13.0.x. If you are using an older version, please update first.

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Using VNC to connect to the bhyve virtual machine

Commands bconfig, bconstruct-tui

			% cbsd bconfig
			% cbsd bconstruct-tui


Currently, VNC is possible only when the virtual machine startup through UEFI mode

To do this, when you create a new virtual machine (or editing through bconfig), make sure that:

value of vm_efi set to uefi:

If you want to fixate the VNC port, use the menu item vm_vnc_port

If vm_vnc_port set to 0 - CBSD automatically find the first available port for the VNC connection

If vm_vnc_port set to 1 - CBSD it will not open a port for VNC

If vm_vnc_port any other numerical value, for example 5905 - CBSD will always use current VNC port for a virtual machine

Beginning with CBSD version 11.1.0, a VNC connection requires a password that is specified in the vnc.conf configuration file (~cbsd/etc/defaults/vnc.conf):

In order to change (or remove) the password, duplicate your own value of default_vnc_password via ~cbsd/etc/vnc.conf file:

			% echo default_vnc_password='test' > ~cbsd/etc/vnc.conf

If default_vnc_password takes an empty value, the password for the VNC was not set.

Note that by default, the VNC port opens on loopback address:

This is done for security reasons, or any user can connect to the VNC conclusion of your virtual machine

To connect to the VNC on a remote server, please use SSH tunnels, or any proxies that are protected by a password or a certificate

If you want to work with VNC directly, just change the parameter bhyve_vnc_tcp_bind from to via vnc_options menu. In this case, to connect the port to be opened all