FreeBSD virtual environment management and repository

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Attention! Current pages describe CBSD version 13.0.x. If you are using an older version, please update first.

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Jail cloning

jclone command

			% cbsd jclone
			% cbsd jrclone


Creates a clone of a given jail. The command requires the name of the original jail (passed with old) as well as a name for the clone, specified with new and a FQDN (hostname) with host_hostname. Optionally a new IP Address can be given with the ip4_addr parameter (multiple IPs need to be separated by commas).

Attention: when you are using a ZFS-based system, CBSD will use ZFS cloning by default!

ZFS cloning features is ultra fast operation (thanks to Copy-on-write), but imposes some restrictions - you will be dependent on the parent snapshot.

You can control this behaviour via clone_method= argument or, to set it globally, use rclone.conf and bclone.conf to overwrite settings from 'auto' to 'rsync':

		% echo 'clone_method="rsync"' > ~cbsd/etc/rclone.conf
		% echo 'clone_method="rsync"' > ~cbsd/etc/bclone.conf

Custom data cloning jail method

You can create your own data cloning method using script(s) in the directory $workdir/jail-system/$jname/clone-local.d.

For example, creating a script to the $workdir/jail-system/$jname/clone-local.d/ directory with the name and the contents of the form:

			echo "My custom clone for: $jname -> $newjname
			echo "${data} -> ${newdata}"
			/bin/cp -Ra ${data} ${newdata}

You will force CBSD to execute your script as a data cloning method.

Attention: The script must always end with 0 exit code when success

Please note that standard variables are available in the script CBSD variables. Additionally, these variables are exported: $newjname,$newdata

Why it is needed: if you use NAS or NFS as a storage and have access there, you can clone the data using NAS or directly on the NFS server, which will significantly increase the cloning speed and reduce unnecessary traffic. See: Issue #373


cloning jail jail2 to jail3 with changes ip address ip4_addr and name of hosts host_hostname:

			% cbsd jclone old=jail2 new=jail3 ip4_addr=