FreeBSD virtual environment management and repository

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Attention! Current pages describe CBSD version 13.0.x. If you are using an older version, please update first.

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Priority launch environments

Commands: jorder, jorder-tui, border, border-tui

% cbsd jls display=jname,b_order


Sometimes a jail/vm will require an already running service from another machine/jail before it is launched. Examples might be a database SQL or a running LDAP.

In this case, you can edit Boot Order (b_order in jail/vm settins)

By default, all environments are created with b_order set to 10 (which is defined in the profile and can be changed)

If you need jail2 to be launched before jail1, its value for b_order must be set to a lower one than that of the second jail.

You can display the current configuration with the command jls:

% cbsd jls display=jname,b_order
firefly  3
jail1    10
kde4     1
kdeold   9
spicy2   2
test     2

This sample configuration will launch kde4 first while jail1 will come up last

You can also display the sequence using the command jorder

% cbsd jorder

In what sequence jail printer - in this sequence they will run

To edit a launch sequence use jset or the TUI-editor jorder-tui

To edit bhyve priority, use the commands border or border-tui