FreeBSD virtual environment management and repository

Attention! I apologize for the automatic translation of this text. You can improve it by sending me a more correct version of the text or fix html pages via GITHUB repository.


You can influence the development of CBSD proposing an idea or suggestion in Github on the project page via Issues or directly by email: cbsd at or Telegram channel @cbsdofficial; Any response and opinion won’t remain unaddressed.

Other developers link:

List of contributors: CBSD contributors


I want to express gratitude to all those people who helped the project councils by PR, ideas, work and personal time, especially:

  • Oleg Minin aka MOVe, for site style, WEB/HTML/CSS/JS programming, logo and grammar
  • Ivan Klymenko aka fidaj, for remarks and partial of development
  • Sergey Zibarev for site style, WEB/HTML and partial of development
  • Alexey Koptelov for WEB CBSD Project
  • Finn Zirngib aka finnomenon, for the hard work to normalize english part of docs
  • Dominik Zajac aka banym, for the German translation

Also, thank to all those who are interested in the use of CBSD. This is one of the goals and hopes that this project could be useful for others as well, as it improves my own life.

And finnaly, many thanks to developers of the remarkable OS FreeBSD, to community and maintainers of ports for invisible invaluable work and Open Source world in particular.