FreeBSD virtual environment management and repository

2020-10 upd: we reached the first fundraising goal and rented a server in Hetzner for development! Thank you for donating !

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RescueBSD LiveCD

rescuebsd and xrescuebsd — these are jails for CBSD (console and with X-server respectively), containing a popular of software sets for control and recovery of systems, the utility for the analysis of a network and testing of hardware which can be useful as distribution kits at rescue operations. Work on development of LiveCD of a distribution kit isn't included into my plans, the following images are generally a side effect from jail2iso and demonstration of its work.

These jails can be obtained via cbsd repo, then customized, and are used as PXE-images for diskless boot over network or get DVD/CD and USB Memstick images via jail2iso.

List of the packages, including into original jails: rescuebsd, xrescuebsd

All .img (USB Memstick images) can be written to an USB memory stick via command:

				% dd if=_path_to_img.img_ of=/dev/da0 bs="10240" conv="sync"

Be careful to make sure you get the target (of=) correct

FreeBSD CURRENT aka 11
no GUI ISO FreeBSD x86-64
no GUI Memstick FreeBSD x86-64
FreeBSD X11 with Intel graphics ISO FreeBSD x86-64
FreeBSD X11 with Intel graphics Memstick FreeBSD x86-64

xrescuebsd livecd screenshot: