FreeBSD virtual environment management and repository

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Attention! Current pages describe CBSD version 13.0.x. If you are using an older version, please update first.

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Jails list

jls command

			% cbsd jls

Show the lists of environment on a local node or for all nodes. You can adjust the displayed fields through the argument display. If display is not specified, the value takes from $workdir/etc/defaults/jls.conf file, which you can change at its discretion via $workdir/etc/jls.conf. To hide the header, use the argument header=0.

All possible options for the sample described in the $workdir/share/jail-arg file

In addition to the basic CBSD values, you can add your own fields and values for output with the jls command. More on this: environment custom facts

    JIDJail ID
    JNAMEenvironment name
    IP4_ADDRlist of assigned IP addresses (IPv4,IPv6)
    HOST_HOSTNAMEenvironment FQDN
    PATHroot filesystem for jail
    STATUSOn (running), Off (stoped), Unregister (missing in the SQL database)

For vnet-based environments with a virtual stack, the REAL_IP4 field for displaying the actual IP addresses inside the environment may also be useful to you.

Note: Jail in the unregister status may be insert to SQL database via command: cbsd jregister. If remote nodes are added to the local server, you can display all env in the farm through:

			cbsd jls alljails=1


			cbsd jls alljails=1 shownode=1

for output with node name where jail are hosted. In the output from cbsd jls alljails, it is possible to see only active jails (in status On)

Another example:

			% cbsd jls display=jname,ip4_addr,vnet,real_ip4,astart
			% cbsd jls header=0 display=jname,mycustom1,mycustom2,status