FreeBSD virtual environment management and repository

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Attention! Current pages describe CBSD version 13.0.x. If you are using an older version, please update first.

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CBSD: custom environment facts

When working with command like this: jls, jget, bls, bget, xls, xget, you see the values of the underlying CBSD. However, you can supplement and create your own informative fields for your environments, thereby expanding the output of CBSD.

For these purposes, a ${workdir}/jails-system/${jname}/facts.d a directory is used, into which you can save an executable file under an arbitrary name. The name of this file is your custom field and the information that your script will output will be available for the above scripts will be available for the above scripts. The value in the output should be in the format of one word (digits).

At the same time, inside your scripts, you will be available to the internal facts of environments from CBSD: CBSD variables.

For example:

		% cat > ~cbsd/jails-system/jail1/facts.d/mycustom1 <<EOF
echo "MYCUSTOM1"

		% chmod +x /usr/jails/jails-system/jail1/facts.d/mycustom1
		% cbsd jls display=jname,mycustom1
		% cbsd jget jname=jail1 mycustom1