FreeBSD virtual environment management and repository

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The main roadmap, prospects and development vector for CBSD/ClonOS projects.

  • Syslog support: all CBSD/ClonOS events can be sent via syslog to external analyzers/event logs for auditing;
  • OVF format support;
  • CEPH/GlusterFS support out of the box (provisioning scripts);
  • iSCSI support for XEN and bhyve block devices;
  • bhyve checkpoint support;
  • XEN/bhyve live migration support;
  • Multiple $workdir environments on one host. The ability to separate independent environments on a single server for independent resource constraints and prioritization;
  • Clustering DRS: automatic balancing (migration) based on CPU and memory loads;
  • Safe automatic updating of nodes in a cluster (node maintenance mode with automatic domain migration);
  • Transparent distribution of cluster resources when creating a virtual machine;
  • Metrics for CPU, Memory, I/O: support for Prometheus/Gragana/Zabbix from the box;
  • High availability (HA-cluster);
  • Stretched virtual L2 network (vxlan, qinq) for mutliple DataCenter;
  • physical interfaces aggregation;
  • Roles, Integration with AD. RBAC and SSO;
  • RestAPI for CBSD;
  • Client-server architecture for CBSD commands;
  • Popular instances library;